Our classes, our heritage – Courses, Certifications & Fees


The Lingnan Penjing Academy conducts endorsed structured courses covering various topics, ranging from Lingnan Elementary through to Lǐngnán Dàoxué Advanced.
Being a Taoist institution, these topics are all truly unique, even amongst the Chinese Penjing community. As result we are not at all entwined with modern Bonsai (Japanese or modern western ) or associated with Bonsai club practices or circulations.

Rather, all our teachings are essentially Taoist in approach, encouraging pupils to develop carefully & individually of the highest priority. Drawing from (Sifu) Philippe Tot’s decades of intensive field work, experience & inspired via lineage – This combination all unique in own it’s own ways and teachings. Much like others which has been delicately handed down from teacher to student over generations via Chinese History.

德治 Dézhì – Our School student conduct of virtues

- Modesty 谦
- Patience 忍
- Honour and Respect 尊 畏
- Loyalty 忠
- Humanity 仁
- Righteousness 義
- Honesty 誠
- Peacefulness 寧

Each course/topic taught at The Lingnan Penjing Academy of Australia, consists of either;

*8 week option -One two-hour session per week 16hrs over eight week period


*2 day intense course variations . – 16 hrs in the designated 2-day period (Contact us for more detail with this option)

Enrolment with the Lingnan Penjing Academy entitles you to use of the facilities of the duration of the enrolled period. Each student will have access to a full set of Chinese tools as well as their own personal workstation while studying at the Academy.

*Course fees at Elementary levels are inclusive of an assortment of both perishable and non-perishable goods, training wires, fibres mesh, pebbles etc. (Penjing Pots not included but are available for purchase). Please refer to the guide below for further details.

*Intermediate grading and above students are required to work on their own projects as per subject requirements. Training equipment/goods will be required, this naturally subject to the Terms topic. All training goods are available for purchase at The Lingnan Penjing Academy of Australia.

Students wishing to participate in higher courses must complete each grade in succession. Although each grade can be completed individually or sequentially, they are also in turn to be viewed as one teaching, covering external and internal ancient Chinese theories. Enrolment fees vary for each term, as each course pin-points various levels of teachings and various topics do require alternate materials to complete.


At The Lingnan Penjing Academy of Australia once an enrolled student has successfully participated in the term and topic at hand & has been clearly versed an Attendance /Participation Certificate is granted at the close of each term.

The Lingnan Penjing Academy of Australia holds No Examinations from our Elementary levels to High-Advanced levels. All certification given at these levels are certificates of Attendance & Participation.

As we do understand, being put through exams can be a somewhat daunting experience for many – especially to the individual who mainly wishes to casually enjoy our class atmosphere. Those wishing to seek official recognition of high skill & proficiency must respect, just as in any field, it does not happen overnight – rather it takes patience, time and much dedication.

Thus, accomplished students gain official verification of high skill & proficiency through certification and endorsement by The Lingnan Penjing Academy of Australia as well as official partnered establishments in Guangzhou, Guangdong China.

Certification of high skill & proficiency is achieved via examinations at both Master Training levels – Lǐngnán Căo Yào & Dàoxué Gāo Jí -Tao High Advanced ( please scroll down for information on Master Training grades)



Lingnan Elementary Grade 1 (8 weeks): $280.00

Lingnan Elementary Grade 2 (8 weeks): $320.00

All Chinese materials will be given to enrolled students for the courses of Lingnan Elementary 1 & 2,
including trees, soils, and perishable training equipment. -Pot not included.

All Certificates at these levels are Attendance/Participation based


Lingnan Intermediate Grade 1 (8 Weeks): $270.00

Lingnan Intermediate Grade 2 (8 Weeks): $270.00

All certificates at Intermediate levels are Attendance/Participation based

(Base level ) -ADVANCED

Lingnan Advanced Grade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 (8 weeks each)
- Term fee per grade - $280

Base-Advanced grades are in-depth studies in Penjing Techniques, Fēng shuĭ, Bā guà

All certificates at Advanced levels are Attendance/Participation based


Penjing -Fāyù ​(‘Yáng’​ Hard studies)- Grade 1,2,3 & 4 (8 weeks each) Term fee per grade -$280
And or
Lín Xué Qìgōng (‘Yīn’ Soft Tree Qigong studies)

Mid-Advanced grades are in depth studies of Ramifications Penjing techniques and/or Qi Studies

All certificates at Mid-Advanced levels are Attendance/Participation based


Grade 1, 2 & 3 (8 weeks each) -Term fee per grade -$280

High-Advanced grades are in-depth studies in Qi hardening and Harnessing, Fēng shuĭ, bā guà & their relations to trees

All certificates at High-Advanced levels are Attendance/Participation based


Masters Training levels -Lǐngnán Căo Yào -

Lǐngnán Căo Yào 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 each (8 weeks each)
- Term fee per Grade -$280
All Lǐngnán Dàoxué Advanced is in depth Masters development in Shunde Lingnan Penjing, Fēng shuĭ & Căo Yào

Certification Officially Endorsed Verification of High Skill & Proficiency - Awarded on Pass of Exams

Masters Training levels -Dàoxué Gāo Jí -Tao High Advanced-

1, 2 & 3 Term fee Per Grade $280- students to be graded via examination at these levels

Certification Officially Endorsed Verification of High Skill & Proficiency -Awarded on Pass of Exams

Private Sessions

Private 1 to 1 Basis & instructed by sifu Philippe Tot directly: (8 weeks or Sessions) $810.00

Kids Classes

8 weeks of 1hr sessions (Depending age and skill level, term may include occasional pre-arranged 2hrs) – $270.00