Lín Xué Qìgōng & Meditation Classes


Lín Xué Qìgōng – (Tree Life Energy –Qigong)

Trees have an enormous amount of undifferentiated and non corruptive Energy. One can benefit greatly from learning how to tap into it.
Learn to quieten your mind, cultivate inner-harmony and peace via Lín Xué Qìgōng.
This Ancient teaching is being passed down to students each week at the Lingnan Penjing Academy of Australia. Indeed, you can be one of them.
Learn to cultivate your health as well as healing others in need. Develop Power, confidence and ‘Qi Flux Awareness’
Sifu Lam Leung Ting
This form has many benefits;
* Those wishing to learn to de-stress
* Self confidence- Cultivate Power & Self defence
* Improve stamina, regain health & vigour
* Slow down the ageing process improve skin appearance
* Heal muscle injury, heal back pain
* Assist your cardiovascular and organ health, even counter Asthma, arthritic pains, addictions can be alleviated.
* Assist and alleviate Anxiety & Depression, Bi-polar etc

– All among the benefits and more one can achieve via Lín Xué Qìgōng. It is also very beneficial Medium for Penjing or Bonsai practitioner’s and all Artists alike. Wishing a deep understanding of natures way and our path in it.

Sifu Philippe Tot was a disciple of Keven Li Chun Wu who was a practitioner of Lín Xué Qìgōng. Li Chun Wu was taught the tree qigong system from Sifu Leung Ting – Lín Xué Qìgōng Master (1891- 1972) Foshan, Guangdong Pr China.

Develop Your Inner peace, tranquillity & Qi with Lín Xué Qìgōng at The Lingnan Penjing Academy of Australia.




Lín Xué Qìgōng Terms

Our sessions for Lin Xue Qìgōng run for hourly and private sessions. Or via Penjing pupils via 2 day courses.

- $80.00 per session


*Enrolled Penjing student discount rate (class sessions)

$65.00 on class set days 8:30am

*Sat & or Sun 8:30am hourly sessions. Being for Penjing enrolled pupils at set allocated Penjing training days.

* Private sessions for Lín Xué Qìgōng – $80.00 per one hour session at arranged times

*All beginner pupils will be required to attend their 1st session consisting of theory, prior commencing of form topics.

* Tuition of Lín Xué Qigong system is subject to approval. The Lingnan Penjing Academy of Australia reserves the right to accept or refuse tuition of any persons

*Sessions/times may be cancelled in the event of poor weather, but should this be the case, an alternate time will be credited.

Classes are held under the Trees and our Kwoon at The Lingnan Penjing Academy of Australia grounds 24 Hopes Rd Essington.