A Taoist and Cultural Institution

LPAA & YYSF China Alliance

LPAA & YYSF China Alliance

Lingnan Penjing Academy of Australia is a Taoist institution. This can be often overlooked or misunderstood by those not familiar with our Traditional Chinese approach.

1559605_791384054219280_7385008009101125217_nA Chinese Penjing & Lingnan Cultural Preservation Establishment

For the sake of Specialisation and proper execution of any field in life, there are no shortcuts to anywhere worthwhile, one should not have a watered down or shortcut approach if you seek purity, it can encourage bad example.

“Hastiness is only good for catching flies”

When looking to choose simple meal option in a western food court, from a Japanese option, Chinese, or a Turkish one, would you state that they are all American ? Certainly not, this would not be respectful to the various chiefs….

Much the same you do not place a Japanese Garden for a Chinese one, Korean Garden for Thai example, Taiwanese etc. They are all different cultures & to be respected.

Whatever the approach taken, and should your goal be to achieve good cultural examples, whether it be a Chinese one, Japanese, Korean, South East Asia or in our case – Southern Chinese with Specific intent. Once you have indeed fined tuned to it, the deeper you go, is a highly specialised field & not in the interest of cultural preservation and destructive to its posterity to be streamlined.

Although Bonsai is a Japanese word, it is now as much a western word claiming a representation to describe the art. Yet, it is in fact of Chinese decent. In China unless your in a area frequented by tourists, it is not referred to as Bonsai by the Chinese but ‘Penjing’. Elsewhere, for instance in Korea it is referred to as ‘Bunjae’, ‘Hon Non Bo’ in Vietnam, Máyˑ​Dàt in Thailand etc

…..And all of them, although they do share a common ground, going about their own methods for Tree cultivation, inside pots or dishes, for this purpose or that – Yet, they are in-fact different systems with cultural heritage & interpretations Intact

And here at the LPAA along with our alliances in China, for posterity , do not believe they should be mixed.

In the age of the internet, everything is all of a sudden at our fingertips & with our natural inclinations, temptations to go for the here and now path, it has encouraged the fast paced approach- all of a sudden, no section of our existence is left unscathed. While this has its bonuses, it also comes at a cost, much is being lost due to hastiness.

For instance, our teachings at the LPAA, consist of not only a Chinese cultural interpretation. But specific branches of Chinese ideology, ranging from Qing Shaolin teachings, Herbal cultivation, Bacteria Physiology. A discarding of the Ego in the interest of fine-tuning of the senses. In Essence – A Taoist Journey inward seeking Truth from within, Not from without.

This is a delicate individual journey and of our highest priority.

These Ingredients seldom seen in a modern faster paced Bonsai approach. Having Art as the Primary or sole focus or other variations and therefore the purpose of intentions, beliefs & outcomes do differ greatly.

In addition, our Institution is an Alliance Partner with China which is a National Cultural Relic Protection Site of State-level in Guangdong Province. This alliance is in part due to our delicate & respectful approach to the Preservation Traditional Lingnan culture.


In the interest of Preservation, Mutual Respect & result of ultimately Different Directions of Intent. We are not at all entwined with modern Bonsai- (Japanese, Modern Western, Mixed Cultural Movements etc ) or Associated with Bonsai club practices or circulations

Our Focus Lies Elsewhere

Prosperity, Good Will and Respect to All

Philippe Tot

Sifu/Principal The Lingnan Penjing Academy of Australia